Barcode tracking using just your phone

Orca Scan lets you build a barcode solution using just a smartphone and a web browser, no hardware or technical skills needed.

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"I use this tool daily at work, inventory has never been easier!"
Theo Garner, Systems Administrator Airbus

Connect any smartphone

Cloud Sheets act as a central database, making it super easy to work with teams by synchronising data between 100's of devices & providing one location to view, import and export data.

  • Orca Scan share with a team Share with Team
  • Orca Scan real-time synchronisation Real-time Sync
  • Orca Scan export data centerally Easy Download

Scan for verification and lookup

Users scan a barcode to view its associated data, mark it as received, sold, or inspected and optionally push them changes back to the cloud - where administrators can view the entire history of an item.

  • Connect Team Scan for Match
  • Connect Team Update Items
  • Connect Team View Changes Made

Configure remotely

The columns in a Cloud Sheet mirror the entry fields inside the mobile app, allowing you to control everything via a simple web-based spreadsheet.

  • Connect Team Easy Customization
  • Connect Team Set Entry Fields
  • Connect Team Assign Rules

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