About Us

The Bradfield Centre
Orca Scan HQ - Bradfield Centre, Cambridge, UK

How it started

Orca Scan started life as a simple mobile app to help a teenager with his summer job. Thousands of downloads, user interviews and many software releases later, Orca Scan quickly evolved into a fully configurable barcode application that is now trusted by some of the worlds most innovative companies - large and small.

Our Mission

Dramatically simplify, and lower the cost of enterprise barcode solutions to make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of company size or budget. We do that by removing the need for expensive hardware, by leveraging cloud computing and the smartphone we're all carrying in our pockets.

Our Support Network

There's no question that Orca Scan would not be what it is today without the continuous feedback and suggestions from our users. But also the fantastic business and tech guidance we've received from Cambridge Makespace, The Bradfield Centre and of course our mentors at the Cambridge Judge Business School startup accelerator. Thank you all!

The Future

Orca Scan will continue to evolve based on user feedback. We will continue to resist the temptation to add unnecessary bells & whistles, and instead deliver a system that helps empower users - by finally removing the need to track assets using pen and paper.