Because barcode tech shouldn't be complex

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Barcode technology is a good example of a great idea poorly executed. It's been around ~40 years, yet is still exclusive to enterprise. That's the problem we’re trying to solve, by removing the need for barcode specific hardware and programming skills.

  • Cost of hardware No hardware costs
  • Cost of traning No training sessions
  • Cost of software No software development
"I use this tool daily at work, inventory has never been easier!"
Theo Garner, Systems Administrator Airbus

Because we all know how to use a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are an integral part of most companies, which is why we designed the system to function just like a spreadsheet. Just by configuring the columns, you can modify 100's of Orca Scan devices from any web browser.

Because a better alternative than pen and paper was needed

These days, we're more likely to be carrying our smartphones than a pen. Although pen and papers are hyper configurable, they kill productivity by consuming time and introducing errors.

The average Orca Scan user reports:

  • 74% less time spent on data entry
  • 87% reduced error rate
"I use Orca Scan to track a million dollar inventory. It would take 5 hours a week to do this process manually, that's now down to 30 minutes."

Dr David Sato

Mechanical Heart Engineer and Cardiologist, Providence

Providence Healthcare

Tracking Mechanical Hearts

tracking medical devices with Orca Scan

Read how Dr Sato uses Orca Scan to track medical devices from receipt to implanting them into patients.

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Tracking Assets and Improving Wine

tracking wine making assets with Orca Scan

See how Peter replaced a paper-based logbook with Orca Scans mobile tracking for their vehicles and inventory.

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